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We offer a range of services at our 3D baby ultrasound service, designed to provide expectant parents with a unique and memorable prenatal imaging experience. Here’s what we offer:

Description of our 3D ultrasound service:

The most modern prenatal imaging technology available, our 3D ultrasound service combines 3D and 4D imaging to generate a realistic and detailed image of your baby in the womb. With real-time video and high-resolution photos, you can see your baby’s movements and facial expressions in spectacular detail. Our expert professionals will collaborate with you to design a customized session, ensuring you get the most out of your ultrasound experience.

Packages and pricing:

We offer different packages for our 3D ultrasound service to meet your demands and budget. Our packages range from a simple session to a complete package with extra benefits like cardiac recording and gender determination. Our pricing is fair and open, with no hidden fees or levies.

Additional services such as heartbeat recording and gender determination are available in addition to our 3D ultrasound service. Heartbeat recording is one of these services, allowing you to hear your baby’s heartbeat and take a recording home as a souvenir. We also provide gender determination, letting you learn your baby’s gender before delivery. These services are available as part of our complete package or separately if desired.

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